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Jul 01 @ 12:57 PM
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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
by Ernest Hemingway (via nectarblood)
Jul 01 @ 12:57 PM
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And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end… because how could the end be happy? 

Jul 01 @ 12:41 PM
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Jun 30 @ 12:42 AM
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To a promise of forever.

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Vancouver: Never before have I been in a city that was as able and eager to strike up a conversation.

Jun 30 @ 12:07 AM
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A pain stabbed my heart, as it did every time I saw a girl I loved who was going the opposite direction in this too-big world.
by Jack Kerouac, On the Road 
Jun 30 @ 12:05 AM
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Today, I’m the Supreme

Jun 29 @ 7:34 PM
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I’m still learning how to smile without braces :~

Jun 28 @ 11:43 PM
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The Neighbourhood
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Nobody said it’d be easy, they knew it was rough
But, tough luck

The only flaw – you are flawless
But I just can’t wait for love to destroy us
I just can’t wait for love

Jun 28 @ 10:36 AM
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Yesterday’s photo, aand I’m ginger again! (at UFAM)

Jun 28 @ 10:04 AM
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And if I may just take your breath away
I don’t mind if there’s not much to say
Sometimes the silence guides our minds
So move to a place so far away
The goose bumps start to raise
The minute that my left hand meets your waist 

Jun 28 @ 3:39 AM
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Clarity (acoustic version)
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Hold still right before we crash
Cause we both know how this ends
Our clock ticks till it breaks your glass
And I drown in you again

Cause you are the piece of me
I wish I didn’t need
Chasing relentlessly
Still fight and I don’t know why

If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy?
If our love’s insanity why are you my clarity?

I love this song. Original and acoustic. Love it. Not sorry. At all.

Jun 27 @ 10:11 PM
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That’s me. WITHOUT BRACES!!! Please, one minute of silence :’)

Jun 27 @ 1:12 PM
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I live in a tropical city, hot as hell, but I dress like this just because

And also, currently listening to: what’s that sound I hear down under? Is it your heart, is it just thunder?

Jun 26 @ 4:36 PM
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